Nodding Grand Sample Pack Series - Darkworthy Vol. 1

I've always been a lover of unique sounds. Ever since I heard Timbaland years ago, who added unexpected sounds to his tracks, I started to experiment with a variety of sounds that added a bit of complexity and amusement to my beat compositions. Hours and hours of digging, searching, digging and searching and chopping! So finally I decided to share my hard work with you so you can also experiment and create. This is the first release in the series and it will be capped at 500 downloads. Ideally I'd like to release one volume a month but it depends on how busy I get and how long it takes to build and find cool new sounds. So keep checking back here.... There's more to come. And last but not least.... HAVE FUN.

* 168 Sounds/Unique Textures (16bit - 44.1 KHz WAVs)
* Industrial, Dark, Cinematic, Experimental
* 29 MB Zip File
* Limited Download
* Selected and Designed by Pursuit Grooves

Here's a track that features 11 of the 168 sounds included in the sample pack.

Pursuit Grooves - Darkworthy Vol 1 (Nodding Grand Sample Pack) by Pursuit Grooves
$15 USD  (Secure Paypal payment. You'll receive the download link within 10 mins, 2 hrs max to your email address.)