About PG

Producer | DJ | Vocalist | Video Artist presenting Electronic Travels through Soul, Bass, Techno, House, and Hip-Hop. 

History: Bought her first piece of music production gear at 14. Grew up listening to Teddy Riley, The Cure, Loose Ends, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Red Hot Chili Peppers...to name a few.

Bio: When speaking of electronic or hip hop producers who have made innovative contributions to their genre, females are rarely mentioned. Whether hard to find or never exposed, Pursuit Grooves is making it her business to deliver an important message to the world...WE DO EXIST!

Pursuit Grooves stands out from the rest not only as a female producer but as a music producer in general. Refusing to be defined or labeled she graciously accepts all of her influences to create something that is distinctly her own while owing much to the past. Inspiration includes soul/funk artists (Cameo, Sade, Loose Ends), trip hop gurus (Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead) and hip hop producers (DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Jay Dee).

Armed with a modest studio, Pursuit Grooves manages to make a mountain out of a mole hill. She is not only poised to make a place for herself in the world of music, but is guaranteed to grow and prosper with the changing times. Much like her name, Pursuit Grooves plans to SEEK HUNT and CAPTURE... Your Ears.


Originally from the Washington, DC area, Pursuit Grooves (born Vanese Smith) started producing music as a teenager to accompany the lyrics/rhymes she was writing. She's been obsessed with sound ever since.

Pursuit Grooves started turning heads and pulsating ears when she was featured on Rush Hour's Beat Dimensions (Netherlands) compilation in 2007. The following year she earned a spot at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. Soon after she released the "Fox Trot Mannerisms" EP and "Frantically Hopeful" full length on UK label Tectonic Recordings, all highlighting her knack for delivering varying tempos, warm melodies, and equally great abilities to sing, rap and produce. She has also been featured on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Bubblers (UK) compilation, Cosmopolyphonic (Japan) compilation and albums for Swede:art and Portformat on Tokyo Dawn Records (Germany). She has also produced remixes for international acts Altocamet, Planningtorock and The Knife. 

Never one for staying in a box, she creates her own path and describes her sound as "Electronic Travels through Soul, Bass, House and Hip Hop." Over the last few years she has performed Live PAs (with her trusty hardware sampler) internationally including performances at Sonar Festival in Spain, Elevate Festival in Austria and Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit to name a few. Smith also creates abstract video art as Wifihifiscifi which sometimes accompanies her performance. She also creates under the "cinematic dub "alias
91 Fellows on the California based Deepblak Recordings label.