Past Live Shows

"Pursuit Grooves strutted on stage brimming with Brooklyn swagger. Her vigorous presence was equally matched by sonic flair, smashing her SP 505 and chucking her vocals into a heady mix that took in hip-hop, house and chunky broken beats."
Elevate Festival (Resident Advisor review)

Pursuit Grooves is just as comfortable playing for an intimate crowd as she is rocking the bass induced main Room One of Fabric or the Redbull Stage at the Sonar Festival. Pursuit Grooves is an entertainer (trained in theater for years growing up) and delivers an energetic performance with her unique hardware sampler/drum machine (no laptop in sight) which allows her to directly communicate with the audience. She takes them on a journey with her live set creating movements and interludes, building a dynamic rhythmical story, highlighted by a mastery of MC vocals.
Pursuit Grooves has a degree in film and is a highly imaginative video artist. When possible she provides custom visuals to accompany the performance. A special treat indeed!

Past live performances include:
* Clandestino Festival (Gothenburg, Sweden)
* U Street Music Hall (Washington, DC)
* Sound In Motion Festival (Toronto)
* Pumpehuset (Copenhagen, Denmark)
* Movement Electronic Music Festival (Detroit)
* Le Guess Who Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands)
* Dubloaded (Bristol, UK)
* CFC (Montreal, Canada)
* Wrong Bar (Toronto, Canada)
* Turrbotax (NYC)
* Percussion Lab (NYC)
* Barsoma (Brisbane, Australia)
* 11A (Sydney, Australia)
* Rocket Bar (Adelaide, Australia)
* Roxanne Parlour (Melbourne, Australia)
* Beat Lounge (Toronto, Canada)
* Supa (Trondheim, Norway)
* Dater Til Hagen (Oslo, Norway)
* Elevate Festival (Graz, Austria)
* LOLA Festival (London, Canada)
* La Tavernier (Brussels, Belgium)
* Sonar Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
* Fabric (London, UK)
* Sound Channel (Osaka, Japan)
* Manier (Kanazawa, Japan)
* Le Jazz Modal (Nagoya, Japan)
* Koara (Tokyo, Japan)
* Todays Art Festival (Hague, Netherlands)
* From Me To You (Stockholm)
* Sirius (Berlin)
* Root Elevation (Bristol, UK)
* Altes Wettburo (Dresden, Germany)
* Satta (Lithuania)
* CDR/Plastic People (London)
* Hardknock (London)
* Loud Minority (Vienna, Austria)
* The Boat (Toronto, Canada)
* Brainfeeder /Club Love (NYC)
* Southpaw (NYC)
* Knitting Factory (NYC)
* Cloud City (Greece, Athens)
* Boogieboxxx (Besancon, France)
* Fat Lady (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
* Ballers Social Club (Glasgow, Scotland)
* RBMA (Barcelona, Spain)
* XinDC (Washington, DC)
* TurboCrunk (Montreal, Canada)